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As an inspiring botanical art teacher, Margaret has
shared her creative ideas, knowledge and innovative
techniques with beginners, experienced artists and
teachers since beginning teaching in 1988. Margaret’s
teaching reflects a philosophy that all who wish it
can learn to see and appreciate the wonders of
nature through the eyes of the artist, and in so
doing, learn to successfully draw and paint plants.  
This is achieved either through group or individual
tuition that includes practical demonstrations.

Beginners: Margaret takes great delight introducing
the basics of how to create successful observational
drawings and color studies of various plant
elements.  Instruction sees the student able to
observe and enjoy those elements of color and
design found in nature and to attain the basic skills
that see them able to create drawings and
watercolor studies.  

Experienced artists:  Learn an approach to botanical
art that promotes further creative input with new
concepts using fine watercolor and dry color pencil
- a unique Saul technique.
A Botanical art class with Margaret Saul
How to study Botanical Art  with Margaret Saul:

Brookside Gardens School of Botanical Art & Illustration

If you live in Washington DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia, you can participate in the comprehensive Botanical Art Courses, Certificate  and Workshop programs conducted by this school, directed by Margaret Saul.  A School Handbook and registration form can be downloaded for full details. Note that these botanical art classes are conducted in classrooms at the McCrillis Gardens, Bethesda annex of Brookside Gardens, not at the main Brookside Gardens site in Wheaton.

The Fall/Winter 2010 program is now available by clicking here.

2.  Participate in a Workshop or Master Class run by Margaret Saul

Margaret regularly conducts Botanical Art Workshops and Master Classes for Botanical Art Societies and other organizations.  Recent workshops include Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute, Denver Botanic Gardens, Minnesota School of Botanical Art and the Creative Arts Center, Chatham.

Further Information:  
For a schedule of Margaret’s teaching fees, for details of upcoming botanical art workshops and master classes, to discuss a proposal to organize your own workshop or master class or for more details of the courses offered by the Brookside Gardens School of Botanical Art & Illustration, please contact Margaret through this web site by clicking here.

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