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Elaeocarpus angustifolius

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Quandong print
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A specimen of this large rainforest tree grew buttress roots that soon took over a considerable area in the bushland garden of my
childhood home in Brisbane, Australia.  Gorgeous blue fruits amongst its fallen red leaves in the leaf litter are a signal to look up
into its canopy where starbursts of red clustered at the ends of occasional dying branches and set amongst lush green leaves and
bright blue when pieces of the sky peek through are stained glass in nature’s cathedral.  (Some of the reds in the leaves were
toned down so as not to dominate the painting.)  Its smooth, ripened fruits have such luscious color one can’t help but stoop to pick
up, hold and admire.  They turn in color from green to a steely greenish blue through to that of lapis lazuli.   Their appearance
entices one to taste and test for a pleasant reward but as with many Australian rainforest fruits there is no sustenance here, as can
be seen in the section of the fruit illustrated in the painting.

This painting was commissioned by Dr. Shirley Sherwood (UK) in 1996.  It is published in  
A Passion for Plants, Contemporary
Botanical Masterworks
by S. Sherwood, the second book of the botanical paintings in her collection.

Media: Watercolor and color pencil on Arches paper.  Margaret prefers to select just three tubes of pigment from which to mix the full
range of watercolor best suited for her plant subject.  Size of original: 690mm X 570mm
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Margaret Saul © 2005
Elaeocarpus angustifolius
(Blue Quandong)
55x43 cm (21.5"x17")

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