Blue Quandong botanical painting, signed limited edition print by botanical artist Margaret Saul

Margaret Saul
Botanical Artist

Magnolida grandiflora original watercolor botanical art and signed limited edition botanical print
 Eucalytpus ficifolia botanical watercolor painting and giclee fine art print
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Atractocarpus fitzalanii , yellow mangosteen, a contemporary watercolor painting Fragment of a line drawing of a fern: what constitutes art and what botanical illustration
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Botanical art classes with Margaret Saul at the Brookside Gardens School of Botanical Art and Illustration
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Sterculia quaqdrifida, peanut tree, available as a signed limited edition print. Part of a series of Australian Botanical paintings by Margaret Saul
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News from Margaret
Life in Tuscany!
We saw our dream house for sale in November 2007 with a delicious location in the heart of Chianti overlooking Siena, Monteriggione and San Gimmiano.  We signed the preliminary contract in May 2008, moved in December 2008, and finally in July 2009 we now own it! Next stage - I need a kitchen. Cooking on the fireplace in the dining room is quaint and traditional, but an oven would be nice. Next year? As they say here in Italy, "forse"

Someday we'll write a book!

Spring has been amazing with at least 12 species of ground orchids coming up around the house, including several species of bee orchids - whose flowers mimic a female insect and lay in wait for the corresponding unsuspecting male.

Brookside Gardens School
of Botanical Art & Illustration

Established in 2004 this unique little school in Bethesda, Maryland , USA offers comprehensive instruction with progressive assessment for those enrolled in its certificate program. Classes finish in July with "Butterflies in the Garden" (July 11-12) during the live butterfly show at Brookside Gardens.

Registration for classes in the new academic year starting in September open in August.

The school will be making use of Margaret's current Tuscan location in Italy with a special program based in Siena in the summer of 2010.

Information for registration, classes and School Handbook are available by clicking here.


Brookside Gardens School of Botanical Art & Illustration

The school annual exhibition: Botanica 2009 at Brookside Gardens July 25 to September 12 featuring work of students and teachers.

Check out the new School online gallery by clicking here

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